Pocket Lift

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Pocketlift is a remote controlled forklift with undercarriage tracks. It is equipped with a foldable mast which allows it to be easily transported under the platform of the semitrailer.

Pocketlift has a 1500 kg lifting capacity and weighs only 1500 kg. The weight coincides with the lifting capacity thanks to the particular position of its barycentre that ensures the safety of the machine and the load to be lifted.

Pocketlift also has an extreme compactness; the height of the machine from the ground, in fact, is only 535 mm!!

The speed of the Pocketlift forklift on tracks varies from 0 to 9 Km/h; it has a sequential hydraulic system that makes it easy to handle even when it works on particularly uneven terrain.

Pocketlift is a very useful machine if you need to unload the goods in areas difficult to reach by truck or crane; it can even travel and work on sand. PocketLift can tackle slopes up to more than 30°. Moreover, thanks to the wireless remote control, the operator is safe from any risks.



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