Green Climber - LV300 - Remote Controlled

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 Green Climber is a remote controlled  machine with flair and with undercarriage tracks. Its main feature is the fact that it can be used without an operator on board and it can tackle steep gradients up to more than 60^ uphill, downhill and diagonally thanks to the extendable undercarriage tracks and low weight which enable a better grip on the terrain.

Green Climber is a mower designed to carry out maintenance of green areas , roadsides and highways particularly inconvenient or dangerous to reach. Its light weight and its total versatility make Green Climber an extremely useful machine.

The remote control system of the Green Climber makes the job easy and most importantly safe; it also allows the machine to move with speed and precision. it  is equipped with an electronic direction correctional system which controls the natural inclination of the machine towards the descent.

Green Climber's quick coupling system has been studied to ensure the rapid interchangeability of the accessories without the use of keys.. The flail head has a sideshifting movement of 400mm both right and left sides.

The engine  complies with  pollution regulations like EPA and TIER4.


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