Green Climber LV 600 - Remote Controlled

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Green Climber is a long range remote controlled machine. Since the operator is not on board it can be used for any job in dangerous, steep or  uncomfortable areas. It is supplied with a high performance flail for roadside maintenance. The flail mower has hydraulic side shifting and there is a choice of other attachments as well for the machine. It has  expandable undercarriage tracks: the tracks can be extended a further 400 mm to gain overall width; this, together with its low centre of gravity, allows Green Climber to work along 60° slopes in total safety. Thanks to this particular system, the powerful engine and special high grip  tracks, Green Climber is virtually unstoppable on any slope or terrain.


High performance engines
Green Climber LV600 is equipped with a state of the art water cooled turbocharged intercooler diesel engine; it delivers a huge torque of 225Nm at only 1500 rpm (it is the highest among its category) to drive attachments that need high power, including heavy forestry flails, it also complies with future pollution regulations like EPA and TIER4.
The engine is equipped with a bigger oil sump, moreover it has a system (MDB patent) to assure engine lubrication and correct functioning on extreme slopes up to 60°.
The engine, the radiator and the pumps are fixed to the main frame with high quality silent blocks.
Fuel tank with 38 lt allows the machine to work for a full day (depending on working conditions).






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